What next?
The Recovery and Growth Plan
Having an overall Vision that defines the unique story and purpose of the town, and that underpin the recovery and growth strategies will be an important part of the final plan. We are inviting you to give your thoughts on the ideas presented in the draft plan for the growth of the local economy. You can comment here.

Growth Team
The challenge for Whitland will be the ability of the local business community to help initiate recovery and growth. Finite financial resources and limited time from business owners and individuals at an economically challenging time are obvious limitations.

Despite this, many similar places have demonstrated what can be achieved when businesses coalesce around tackling shared priorities and the benefit of a coordinated and shared vision. There will be supporting funds and a supportive and encouraging local authority for the Growth Team to work with.

We need to continue to build a willing and active local business community that will support and help deliver the plan in close partnership with the public sector. If you are not already involved, please let us know if you would consider helping to deliver a growth plan for your town. Get in touch here.
Business engagementNovember 2020 to December 2020

Your feedback will inform the draft recovery and growth plan which will be put to consultation next year
Feedback reviewDecember 2020

We will review your comments on the draft ideas, priorities and vision.
Draft plan and consultationJanuary 2021 to February 2021

As appropriate, we will amend the plan taking on board the feedback and then hold a wider public consultation.
Publish the planMarch 2021
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